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Lung Surfactants

Infasurf (calfactant)

Calfactant, also known as Infasurf, is an intratracheal suspension derived from the natural surfactant in calf lungs. It is used in premature infants with lung surfactant deficiency that causes infant respiratory distress syndrome (IRDS)...Wikipedia


Manufacturer's Website: Infasurf                                                                                                                                   Average retail cost: $450/vial

Curosurf (poractant)

Poractant alfa is a pulmonary surfactant sold under the brand name Curosurf by Chiesi Farmaceutici. Poractant alfa is an extract of natural porcine lung surfactant. As with other surfactants, marked improvement on oxygenation may occur within minutes of the administration of poractant alfa...Wikipedia


Manufacturer's Website: Curosurf                                                                                                                                  Average retail cost: $2,323/vial

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